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Whatever Happened To Vinyl Floors?

What Makes Vinyl A Great Choice?

Vinyl flooring are basically of two types, printed type and inlaid type. The printed flooring utilises colored inks printed on the vinyl sheets, the inlaid vinyl floors have color particles that are presses in the sheets. It is a type of resilient flooring, meaning that its surface has a certain spring or give upon impact. It is a building material made from polyvinyl chloride. Similar in appearance to linoleum, it is more long lasting as it is synthesized from engineered products. When installed correctly over proper subflooring, it is exceptionally resistant to scratches, dents and stains.

Vinyl flooring is mostly available in the tile form easy to install and inexpensive. It may be mounted over concrete or wood, but it should be safe from wetness as this can cause adhesives or glues to be unsuccessful after a small period of time. Vinyl peels are generally wrapped and sticky. Sheet vinyl is arranged out in reels, with heated stratum adhesive tape to join the seams and reduce fissures and junctures. When compared to alternative flooring materials, it offers cheap installation and economical maintenance over the long run. They are commonly available in resemblance to natural flooring materials like hardwood, stone and ceramic. While mimicking the look of hard floors, there are much warmer than ceramic tiles.

It is durable, maintaining its beauty under heavy foot traffic and usage. They are considered moisture and stain resistant and can be used in the moist areas like bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room. Nearly impervious to water, they offer a significant sanitary advantage over other flooring material. It has very few seams, so there are few places for the bacteria to grow and hide. The seams are also sealed to prevent such bacteria from entering. This means that the vinyl floors are not just aesthetically clean, but are also hygienic, keeping asthma and allergy at bay. Vinyl has an inbuilt cushioned underlayment, adding to underfoot comfort and insulation. Due to its resilience, it prevents falling objects from shattering. This also means that it is quieter than many hard wood floors. They reduce noise, are warmer and provide underfoot comfort more than other natural materials. Since vinyl is hard-wearing, the original color and appearance last longer with routine maintenance. There are a myriad of styles, patterns and colors available in vinyl sheet floors and tiles. Custom made designs can be easily created using the vinyl flooring to open up new decorating possibilities.

All in all, vinyl floor covering is a time tested durable and cost effective flooring base for any room. Taking into the account all of what vinyl flooring really has in store to offer, it is worth considering vinyl as your next choice in flooring.

To check out patterns & options you have when using vinyl, stop by our showroom & speak with a flooring professional!

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