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    What is 2 x 1 ?

    Your restroom is one of the most crucial spaces in your house. It gets a great deal of day-to-day traffic, and if you have a family, it may be the only place you and/or your dearly beloved can have a couple of moments of privacy. So it’s no wonder that updating your bathroom can have a huge effect on your house. A restroom remodel is additionally a smart investment that will significantly boost your home’s resale value. To take your dollar the furthest it can go, a custom shower surrounding is a smart option.

    Personalized shower surroundings

    A custom shower surrounding is a cost-efficient means to refinish your bath. It’s an affordable option to tile, and because of the modular design, it can fit around any part and through any doorway. Shower environments are usually made up of two or three big panels surrounding the three walls of the bath.

    Personalized tub surroundings

    If you’ve got a bathtub in your restroom, you can also significantly gain from a tub surrounding. Perhaps not just will it make an older bathtub look brand name brand new, it’ll additionally take treatment of any leaks or cracks. Tub environments are simple to install, usually utilizing three or five pieces to surround your pre-existing bathtub. Because you won’t be required to eliminate your present bathtub, you are free from the chance of damaged floors, plumbing work and walls.


    Advantages of personalized surroundings

    Tub and bath environments are an appealing addition to any restroom. By selecting a personalized surrounding, you’ll find a color and tile theme that completely fits your present décor. Wall racks can be added to fulfill your unique requirements. The materials utilized are durable and very long lasting. Personalized bath and bathtub environments additionally utilize easy-to-clean materials and components, assisting to help keep them free from mildew and grime.


    Installation of environments is fast and effortless, frequently finished in one visit. This might be a giant plus, particularly since numerous houses just have one restroom and cannot afford to have it out of commission for weeks. For more information or to set up an appointment call us today at (877) 963-8362.